Member of China Artists Association Representative of the 8th National Congress on behalf of China Artists Association.

1980 Born in Hengyang, Hunan 2004 Graduated from Print- Making Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Solo Exhibitions
2014 Harmonia—Peng Si Solo Exhibition Art Museum of Beijing Fine Art Academy
2010 Different Currents of the Same River–Peng Si Oil Painting Exhibition – Arthur M.Sackler Museum of Art and Archaeology at Peking University; Peng Si Oil Painting Art Exhibition –Okawa Museum of South Korea
2008 Style- Peng Si Oil Painting Exhibition – Poly Art Museum

Group Exhibitions
2014 XinJiang Impression – Xinjiang young artist painting exhibition National Art Museum of China, Beijing
2014 No Fear No Boundary – Chinese Contemporary Horse Culture Art Exchange Exhibition—Beijing World Art Museum
2013 Inherit and move on– Teacher- Student Oil Painting sculpture Exhibition in China Central Academy of Fine Arts — Phoenix Art Palace Museum –Wuxi;To The Youth : Retrospective and Reconstruction- Chinese Contemporary Young Artists Exhibition– Beijing Manet Art Museum; Color and Ink–Peng Si and Sun Wentao’s Painting Exhibition – Shan Dong Luyin Art Museum
2012 First National oil painting Exhibition for Young and Middleaged Artists (Excellence Award) – Shenzhen Dafen Art Museum; Begin from Realism – Nomination Exhibition of Young Oil Painters from Hunan Province–Changsha Yusi Space, Hunan
2011 The Fourth National Youth Art Exhibition –National Art Museum of China (NAMOC)and the Tour Exhibition; Chengdu Biennale – Chengdu Eastern Music Park .; The Charm of Classic – Youth Oil Painting Invitational Exhibition – Beijing Manet Art Museum
2010 Invitational Exhibition of the18th World Aesthetics Conference– Peking University Library; “Study of Concrete Image, Back to Classic” Exhibition – Beijing Times Art Museum; Pure Views–New Painting from China- Louise Blouin Foundation of UK; Reshape History —- 2000 — 2009 Chinese New Art Exhibition – Beijing Today Art Museum 2009 East – West Dialogue —- 3rd China-Germany Joint Exhibition of Contemporary Artists– Chinese Bridge Gallery and Museum of Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena, Germany; Transition – Nomination Exhibition of Young Artists – Beijing 798 Dashanzi Art District; Rock Road Karma Exhibition on Rock, Calligraphy, Painting–Beijing NO.83 Art Club 2008 Future sky – Nomination Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Young Artists – Beijing Today Art Museum; Culture after Culture – 12 Artists’ Exhibition of Contemporary Painting – Beijing Yuan Art Center; Dream and Reality – China Contemporary Art Exhibition – Beijing Tong Zhou 2007 Art China – The National Painting Exhibition – Academy of Art & Design ,Tsinghua University;
Triumphant Return – Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition – Beijing Triumph Art Space 2006 Ode to Our Better Life–New Emerging Artists Exhibition – Beijing Song Zhuang Art Center; Spirit and Character – Chinese realism
oil painting studies Exhibition – National Art Museum of China, Beijing 2004 The Tenth National Art Exhibition – National Art Museum of China, Beijing 2003 Third China Oil Painting Exhibition – National Art Museum of China, Beijing.

Published Works
2007 “Moon Bay – mountain dwelling 42 days” Co-author
2008 “style”
2009 “Lonesome walk with a book”
2010 “ Different Currents of the Same River” -Hebei Education Press
2013 “Peng Si –Art Envoys for China’s Exchange wih foreign Countries”-Culture and Art Publishing House


Peng Si, Intoning, oil on canvas, cm 120x300, 2014

Peng Si, Intoning, oil on canvas, cm 120×300, 2014


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