1980 Born in XinJiang. Works and lives in Beijing.

Solo Exhibitions
2015 Oil paintings by Hu Guoqing, Gallery Astely, Uttersberg, Sweden.
13 Oil paintings-Hu Guoqing, Spaziotemporaneo Gallery, Milan, Italy.
2014 Misty landscapes-clear thoughts Hu Guoqing, West-East Gallery, Beijing, China.

Group Exhibitions
2015 Flow–Italian and Chinese contemporary art in dialogue, Palladian Basilica, Vicenza, Italy.  The Master and Master Student, Stromstad Konshall, Stromstad, Sweden,
2014 Polyphony Ecological survey of Chinese Art-Beijing, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing, China. The ambit of vision-2014 Nanjing contemporary painting exhibition, Hongding Art Space, Nanjing, China.
2013 Wandering & Wondering, West- East Gallery, Beijing, China.
2010 New Artist, Sunshine International Museum, Beijing, China.
2004 Young, 3818 Gallery, Beijing, China.



No. MB 12, 2014-2015, olio su tela, 75 x 150 cm

No. MB 12, 2014-2015, olio su tela, 75 x 150 cm




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