Dany Vescovi was born in 1969 in Milan, where he currently lives and works. He is a Professor of Chromatology at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera.

For several years Vescovi has chased and carried on a floral theme, which had become a personal standard, where standard means not only its “reiteration” but also the status of “classic”. His work has increased according to an independent and indifferent rule that loses material traces of the author, encouraging the multiplication of a fantasy that can be considered technological and objective. Today’s images, become more complex, combining the visual familiarity of flowers to unexpected areas of suspension, picturing new and strange fields, discarded and made vacant in the urgency of a communication blackout. The artist combines geometric abstraction and figurative painting with a photographic precision, within strongly dynamic compositions – he creates a harmonious union, supported by the strength of saturated color and a rigorous composition and structure. The floral image seems to break up and then recompose perpetually in the vertical partitions of the painting, as if they were frames in fast sequence. He creates a visual short-circuit on canvas through constant interference, a permutation of figurative images into abstract and fragmented shapes and volumes. Sliding and combined plans reveal an accumulation of information, coloring and formal, that recall the psychedelic culture. His talent, going beyond the narrow borders of contemporary art, brings him to undertake many “transversal” collaborations: from fashion to theater, from music to literature and advertising.

Ultime mostre personali

  • 2014 “Dal naturale all’artificiale”. Galleria Stefano Forni. Bologna. (a cura di R. Barilli)
  • 2013 “Les paradis artificiels”.Tabakscheune Bühler. Mannheim – Seckenheim. Germania
  • 2012 “Cromosintesi”. Chiesa S. Maria Annunciata, S. Martino dall’Argine (Mn) (a cura di A. Zanchetta)
  • 2011 “Hospitality whit art”. Colber International. Design District. Miami. (Fl)(a cura di S. Civati)
  • 2011 “Vivido Iridio”. Galleria doppia V. Lugano. Svizzera. (a cura di E. Gravagnuolo)
  • 2010 “Natura viva”. Yvonne Arte Contemporanea. Vicenza.(a cura di C. Lio)
  • 2009 “In vacua floribus”. Galleria Stefano Forni. Bologna. (a cura di V. Agosti)
  • 2008 “Landscape”. Palazzo della Ragione. Asolo. (Tv) (con W.M. Zanghi) (a cura di R. Roda)
  • 2007 “Élan vital”. Myowngallery. Milano. (a cura di B. Buscaroli, testo di I. Quaroni) “Piani paralleli”. Galleria Dieffe. Torino. (a cura di M. Sciaccaluga)
  • 2006 “Pneuma“. Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea della Repubblica di San Marino. (a cura di W. Gasperoni, testi di R. Barilli, A. Zanchetta)
  • 2005 “Die welt als simulation oder… nothing is real?“. Carloni SpazioArte. Francoforte. Germania. (a cura di M. Behm)

Opere esposte alla Biennale dello Xinjiang
Senza titolo, tecnica mista su tela, 100×130, 2012
Dioxidemica pv19, tecnica mista su tela, 150×200, 2013


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