Zhang Fangbai studio

In Beijing I’m staying in Zhang Fangbai studio, Art Garden District. A Chinese art district.

IMG_2878 IMG_2884
The place is very nice, but the temperature in town is -16°C and the pollution is very very high! The important thing is to leave the house only when pollution is lower and to wear the mask. The strange thing is that, even in these conditions, Beijing is still a fascinating place. A place where everything may happen, in very short time.
I will record once again in this blog my days and meetings.

This art district is located in North-East. It used to be an important art district, but then prices rose and the most of the artists moved away. So now it is more a design district.
This is Zhang Fangbai winter studio, in summer time he works in a much bigger one quite far away from Beijing town.


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